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Digital Storytelling

Digital Storytelling is the practice of using computer and mobile phone based technology to tell inspired stories.

They contain a mixture of images, text, recorded audio ,video clips and/or music, they can vary in length from 2-5 min.

The topics that are used range from personal/community tales, visions, events and  historical events.

We guide the individuals to create  empowering stories of their individual and community life. These stories are connected directly with images, words and audio that the individual has collected.

The story can be share electronically and by using mobile phones.

Digital Storytelling can bypass language and literacy barriers, making it an effective, engaging and empowering  engagement tool.


Example of a Digital Story.... on growing up


Some of Inspirational CInemas' Programs and services include


Social media campaigns

Community Engagement:  The 6 words of......

IC Tomorrow’s Leaders Today

Sustaining our Global Future

Corporate Team Building Events

Conference Starters and Breakers

Digital Story Information Brochure

Digital Storytelling

Values, Mobiles and Making Movies

Inspirational Cinema uses traditional and digital media, social media, and mobile technology to create programs that are cross generational, innovative, inspirational, fun and engaging in both the doing and the viewing.  The program are cross beneficial to both patients/clients, staff and the organisation.

6 Word Stories

We use a simple and engaging technique to capture and harvest patient/client voice using the concept of short story writing and image capture to create the 6 word story films.

It involves capturing, —in words, images, colour, music and sound effects—people’s ideas and expressions.  It is a perfect tool to illuminate how we as people connect, contribute, learn and make meaning together.


6 Words on anything.....

Example of a 6 word story movie (the true community created content movies)

How 6 Word Films can be used

  • Peer to  Peer Educational tools,
  • Creative and artistic  Engagement tool
  • Inspirational fundraising tools,
  • In waiting rooms as an uplifting artistic installation
  • On websites  and e newsletters,
  • For presentations and reports

and much  much more...........

The patients/clients create, the 6 word stories and images, the method is a true community voice harvesting tool. .

We engage local musicians to create music for the clips in line with the patient/clients stories.

The stories and audio will then be made into a film,s this creating a true community created content movies.


The 6 word story tool can be an ongoing engagement process where everyone can contribute, in both the doing and the viewing.

Inspirational Cinema is available for Artist in Residence programs

Contact us for more information or about other programs that we can create for your organisation


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