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Letter 1:
Outlines intention to run a Fundraising Drive.
Recommended timing: send out this letter one week prior start of drive
Download Template: Word (.doc)
Letter 2:
Outlines process for sellers
Recommended timing: send out this letter when the drive commences
Download Template: Word (.doc)
Letter 3:
Advises when drive is concluding
Recommended timing: send out this letter is one week prior to the drive concluding
Download Template: Word (.doc)
Letter 4:
Thank you to participants and details Fundraiser success
Recommended timing: send out this letter when the drive concludes
Tally Sheet: Keep track of sellers and money returned using the Tally Sheet
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Download Tally Sheet Template: Word (.doc)


Inspirational Cinema Fundraising Events

Inspirational Cinema is an innovative way to raise funds for your organisation and to inspire the audience. It is designed to empower your members and give them a shared positive experience while socialising.

We can custom make your event to suit your fundraising needs.
The Events are held in the Adelaide CBD at the Mercury Cinema in Adelaide’s Lions Art Centre.

Inspirational Cinema will match and source the movie of your choice and obtain the screening rights. We will also organise a rating approval so they can be shown here in Adelaide if they have not yet been rated for viewing within Australia.

The event duration is up to three hours. This gives the members, friends and guests of your organisation the opportunity to socialize and discuss the film after the screening, deepening their experience in a relaxed inspired environment. Your Organisation is also able to set up a trade table as well as serve your own refreshments within this time, enabling you to raise even more funds on the evening.

The Cinema can accommodate up to 186 people, thus making your event profitable and an extremely achievable target for ticket sales.

Inspirational Cinema will organise all of the following aspects of your fundraising event;

  1. Research, match and source the movie.
  2. Obtain approval to screen all copyrighted movies.
  3. Obtain rating approval and exemptions to screen the movie if not yet rated in Australia.
  4. Liaise and book venue.
  5. Organise all projection and audio requirements
  6. Supply tickets for your distribution.
  7. Provide information and tips for promoting and selling your tickets (downloadable all in one document).
  8. Provide access to trailers of the movie for viewing (if available) via the internet.
  9. Provide access to marketing material that distributors or the production company have made available
  10. Liaise with the venue, so that you are able to set up a trade table as well as sell your own refreshments, enabling you to raise even more funds at the event. (Organisation/Individual to supply own tables, equipment and refreshments). A surcharge of $100 is charged by the Mercury if alcohol is going to be served)
  11. A staff member from Inspirational Cinema will be available to collect the tickets. Your organisation can use this opportunity for a door prize raffle.

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