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Taddy Blecher: CIDA

Sustaining our Global Future Film Series

All Films TBC.

Film selection is subject to availability.

Films shown will highlight some of the key issues pertaining to each UN Observance given below. We screen new ideas for change and moving forward and where possible we screen stories about youth raising awareness to these issues.

All films have been selected specifically to appeal to an audience of school students at year levels 7-12 unless stated otherwise.

Bookings essential as places are limited
For more information and booking enquiries please contact:
Susan Rooney-Harding
0418 833 304
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Please refer to the list below for specific information regarding movies offered on the following dates:

Term 3 program dates

11th July:
World Population Day
9th Aug:
World Indigenous Day
12th Aug: International Youth Day
21st Aug: International Day for the Remembrance of the Slave Trade and It Abolition
8th Sept: International Literacy Day
21st Sept: International Day of Peace

Term 4 program dates

16th Oct:
24th Oct: World Development Information Day
16th Nov: International Day for Tolerance
20th Nov: Universal Children’s Day
1st Dec: World Aids Day

World Development Information Day

24th October

Session Duration: 31.06 min

Engineers without Borders

Duration: 10.20 min

Navid Tabatabai joins Engineers Without Borders and heads to the West African country of Ghana. His challenge is to help local farmers develop more sustainable agriculture practices – and to answer his own question – is it really helping when Westerners impose their views on other countries? The summer before his second year of engineering, Navid Tabatabai backpacked through Southeast Asia – it was a trip that turned his world upside down. Usually a big fan of the idea of 'international development', Navid started questioning himself after seeing Western ways intruding into the lives of seemingly happy families working together – it made him ask himself some hard questions: "Who are we to tell these people they need to be greedy consumers like the rest of us? Where are the lines between human rights and cultural imposition?"

Hoping to find more answers, Navid joins a group called Engineers Without Borders and heads to the coastal West African country of Ghana as part of a program to help local farmers develop more sustainable agriculture practices.
His powerful video diary records his everyday life with his new Ghanaian family - as he tests his own assumptions on this life-changing African trip.

Earthship Biotecture

Duration: 10.00 min

Earthships 101 is a 10 minute overview of the basic Earthship systems, types of buildings and Earthship communities in Taos County, New Mexico. Earthship Biotecture, based in Taos, NM, USA is a global company offering proven, totally sustainable designs, construction drawings & details, products, educational materials, lectures / presentations, consultation & guidance toward getting people in sustainable housing.

Blessed Unrest

Duration: 5.55 min

How the largest movement in the world came to being and WHY no one saw it coming!
Paul Hawken is an environmentalist, entrepreneur, journalist, and author. Starting at age 20, he dedicated his life to sustainability and changing the relationship between business and the environment. His practice has included starting and running ecological businesses, writing and teaching about the impact of commerce on living systems, and consulting with governments and corporations on economic development, industrial ecology, and environmental policy.

Taking IT Global

Duration: 5.31 min

A millionaire in grade 11, Michael Furdyk realized early on how the internet could be used as a tool for change. Determined to harness the power of youth around the globe, Mike and his partner Jen Corriero form Taking IT Global.

Jen's dad was a black belt in karate. Her grandma ran a pizza shop in Toronto's little Italy. Michael was a self-made millionaire by grade 11. When the pair met five years ago, they knew instantly they wanted to use the internet to change the world. Knowing how essential and powerful the youth voice is in making change, they were determined to find a way to link like-minded people from all around the planet.

So they formed Taking IT Global – an international online community connecting people to information and inspiration. It's a site to get involved and take action in your local and global communities. They're behind retraining child soldiers in the Philippines, AIDS awareness programs in Cameroon, computer training in India...
Now, with more than 90,000 members in over 200 countries, it's the world's most popular online community for young people interested in making a difference.

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** Follow your passions, and success will follow you ** Nothing in life is stacked against you in your life except your own thinking ** When in doubt, make a fool of yourself. There is a microscopically thin line between being brilliantly creative and acting like the most gigantic idiot on earth ** Many great ideas have been lost because the people who had them could not stand being laughed at ** Every youth owes himself and to the world to make the most possible out of the stuff that is in him ** A man in the sum of his actions, of what he has done, of what he can do, nothing else ** You see, in life, lots of people know what to do, but few people actually do what they know. Knowing is enough! You must take action ** All achievement is the triumph of persistence **