What is Digital Storytelling?


Digital Storytelling is the practice of using computer and mobile phone based

technology to tell inspired stories.

They contain a mixture of images, text, recorded audio ,video clips and/or music,

they can vary in length from 2-5 min.

The topics that are used range from personal/community visions,events and tales to historic


We guide the individuals to create empowering stories of their

individual and/or community life. These stories are connected directly with images, words and audio

that the individual or communities have collected.

The story can be share electronically and by using mobile phones.

Digital Storytelling can bypass language and literacy barriers, making it an effective, engaging

and empowering community engagement tool.




6 word Story Films

6 word story workshops and movies

We use a simple and engaging technique to capture and harvest community voice using the concept of short story

writing and image capture, the 6 word story films are a NEW form of Graphic recording.

It involves capturing, —in words, images, colour, music and sound effects—people’s ideas and expressions as


they are being expressed in an event. It is a perfect tool to illuminate how we as people connect, contribute,

learn and make meaning together.

6 word story films add life to meetings, community engagement events, conference event evaluations,

websites, e newsletters, presentations, reports and more.

Find out more how we can help you at your next even

Values, Mobiles and Making Movies

(Teacher and student training)

This Workshop Series will show you how to take an innovative values based approach to using

mobile phone technology for digital storytelling and making inspirational films with your



Empower learners to become socially and environmentally aware whilst exploring their personal and


community values using mobile phones.





















My Story

Download Software


below are links to some popular software programs that can be used to create digital stories

(clicking on links below takes you to websites that are not associated with Inspirational Cinema)

Microsoft Photo Story FREE (Sorry Mac users)

One of the most widely used software programs used to create digital stories on PC's

iMovie (Sorry Windows users)

Apples answer to Photo Story , this is not a free program but often comes installed on new Macs

Adobe Premiere Elements (Sorry Mac users)

Adobe Premiere elements is a scales down version of the more expensive and more feature -filled Adobe Premiere

Windows Movie Maker (Sorry Mac users)

Many educators use movie maker as it is readily available and generally supported by school technology


Digital Vision Statement

Digital vision statements are a very powerful goal setting tool.

Digital vision statement are created by combining a mixture of inspiring, dynamic images,

videos, text, audio and music to create a powerful moving image of your goals.

You are able to re-watch your vision statement on your computer, mobile phone or

MP4 player.

WOW Powerful and fun!

We guide participants through a goal setting session before creating their own

Digital Vision Statement Session can be organised for individuals, teams and

community groups.

Who attends our workshops?

Community Engagement

Community Groups

Support Groups

Youth Groups


Corporate Organisations

Workshops can be organised to suit the need of your organisation.

We can run them for your community, school and workplace.

As a part of these sessions an Inspirational Cinema session can be conducted, this helping to inspire the participants.

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